1. Admission of Students (Application and Registration)

Students must individually apply directly with the Full Gospel Church of God College NPC (FGCC) and complete the application form titled “AAS01 Application for Admission to Study” which becomes valid for the entire duration of the course level.  

Students must complete and submit the above form for every course irrespective of the Level. If a student has completed a Level One course and desires to proceed with Level Two then they need to reapply. If a student has completed a Level Two course and wishes to proceed with Level Three then they need to reapply.  

Students can apply any time of the year. Applications for the First Semester should be submitted by the end of November of the previous year. Applications for the Second Semester should be submitted by the end of May of the current year.  

Each course has a minimum and maximum duration and the course must be completed within this time frame.   Please take note that modules are semester specific. Certain modules are presented only in the first semester and others only in the second semester. In the event a student is admitted in the second semester, the second semester modules will be completed first and then the first semester modules will have to be completed in the next year before progression to the next level is permitted.  

Approval of your application is indicated by your receipt of a student number. Your acceptance of admission and confirmation of your registration is indicated by you making payment as specified on the relative ‘FSB Fees Schedule 2019’ documents, where a student is billed for the entire semester of the course. If a student wants to cancel their admission / registration, it needs to be done in accordance with the Refund Policy (see Section 5 of this document).

2. Assessments and Examinations

Students have a number of assessments during a study period and for all the modules each and every assessment must be completed and submitted before permission is granted for examinations to be written.

The marks of all the assessments, together with tutorial session attendance and workshop attendance, constitute the participation mark without which the student will not be allowed to write examinations.

Deferral of assessments must be applied for on the “DOA01 Deferral Of Assessment” form and incurs a deferral penalty fee of R10 (ten rands) per day. Results of your assessments and examinations will be available on our Learning Management System after it has gone through the process of marking and moderation.

Students who fail the first examination attempt (e.g. June) can write the failed module during the next examination opportunity (e.g. November).
The second exam opportunity for first semester modules is during the November exam.  The second exam opportunity for the second semester modules is during the June exam of the next year. A student has access to two examination opportunities, failing which a student must re-register for the module.