Legal Status

The  Full   Gospel  Church  of  God  College  has  a long and  proud  history  in  the education  and  training  of  its  ministers.  Originally six campuses existed, which later merged to become one integrated College. The  Full   Gospel  Church  of  God  College  is  registered  as  a  Non Profit Company,  Registration  Number  2001/013711/08.

Ordination Recognition

The Full Gospel Church of God in SA is a Church denomination and application for entrance into the ranks of its ministry should be directed through their national administration or respective regional offices.

Although the  Full   Gospel  Church of God  College  training  is recognised as adequate for ministry entrance  by  most  other  Pentecostal  denominations,  learners are encouraged to ascertain the requirements of  their own  churches.

Completion of any of the College’s courses do not automatically entitle you entrance into ministry of the Full Gospel Church of God in SA.

Faculty & Staff

Dr J.Z Mvelase


Systematic Theology

Dr M Hobe

Deputy Principal

Practical Theology

Pastor D.J Pretorius



Dr. M.J Eilers

New Testament & Biblical Languages

Mr. A.D Sooruth


Mrs. M George